Simply Relax Soap with Lavender, & Muslin Bag


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A companion for our Simply Relax bathing salts.

Our hand made Simply Relax Soap was chosen because we love it's subtle lavender fragrance from the inclusion of lavender pure essential oil (just like our salts). On top of that, we love the simplicity of the all natural ingredients that have been included to love and care for your skin . These soaps have been made for us by Cheel Soaps of Distinction in the traditional cold process method.

What we love about this soap’s ingredients:

Olive Oil: provides the skin care qualities , being high in Oleic acid , which absorbs into the skin and forms a protective barrier against the elements. A superb natural humectant that attracts moisture from the air.

Coconut Oil : provides the great cleansing action and the fluffy bubbles , while keeping the soap nice and solid.

Shea Butter: produces a nourishing , moisturising lather with the Stearic and Oleic fatty acids . Soothing bubbles condition and tone the whole body , including the face . Great for those who need an emollient for sensitive skin .

These soapy babies do not contain palm oil, parabens, foaming agents, or artificial colours or perfumes. Simply All Natural.

Each of these bars of soap are 80 g in weight and their dimensions are 75 mm x 50 mm ( with a thickness of 20 mm )*, and come with a little cotton muslin bag. The bag can store and protect your soap until you use it or the bag and soap can be run under warm water and the muslin can be used to gently rub your face clean before being rinsed off. The soap can then be removed from the muslin bag so that they can both be left to dry thoroughly. The muslin bag will also make a great soap saver for slivers of soap that might be lying around your bathroom. We wouldn't want any piece of soap to go to waste ! Plus take your Simply Relax soap travelling in its muslin bag - your suitcase will smell fabulous.

Artisan cold process soap should be stored on a special soap dish that allows air to circulate around it to facilitate it drying properly. The soap will last much longer if it does not rest in a soggy, soapy mess. You can find two examples of soap dishes that will help keep your soap in good condition here on our e-shop. Take a look and see which one would look great in your bathroom.

Ingredients are:

Sodium Olivate ( Olive Oil **)

Sodium Cocoate (Coconut Oil **)


Butyrospermum Parkii Butter ( Shea Butter)

Lavandula Angistifolia ( Lavender ) Essential Oil ***

Ultramarine Violet CI 77007

* give or take a few millimetres

**combined with lye for saponification ( the process needed to make soap!)

*** contains linalool, a natural allergen found in lavender essential oil plus lavender buds