Konjac Sponge Facial Puff


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Meet our latest bathroom accessory , the super face cleanser that is the Konjac sponge . This little facial puff is made from the porous Konjac root , it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and leaves behind a colloidal film to nourish and protect your skin . Totally eco friendly and biodegradable, the Konjac facial puff lasts from four to six weeks before it should be changed for a new one . 100 % plant based and natural , it will leave both face and body fresh , glowing and silky smooth . Each puff will come with a little hook which can be attached to a mirror or glass surface to enable it to dry between uses . Alternatively, the puff can be placed on either of our soap dishes where it will happily air dry also. 

Benefits of our little Konjac Facial Puff

* great for all skin types and all ages - even gentle enough for a baby’s skin.

* cleans your skin effectively without dryness due to it’s neutral PH - great for balancing your skin.

* contains a type of dietary fibre called “glucomannan” which will help diminish pesky lines and wrinkles with extra gentle exfoliation.

* can be used with a cleanser or just on it’s own with water. * polishes away tiny dry skin flakes and leaves your skin moisturised so your make up applications are smoother and last longer .

* great for make up removal as well .

* makes your skin radiant and silky .

* gently refines your skin’s texture as it absorbs debris and impurities.

* friendly to your pocket and the planet , can be composted or disposed with food waste .

How to look use and look after your Konjac facial puff

* when you first look at your puff, it will be small and hard to the touch.

* at first use , soak it in a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes - it will expand in size and will be much softer .

* use gentle , circular motions on you face , concentrating on problem areas. You can use it with or without cleanser , placed on your damp face or directly in the sponge . Absolutely, do not scrub as you will hurt your skin surface or rip the sponge.

* after use , rinse thoroughly in cold water every time , making you remove any cleanser or make up . Squeeze the sponge gently in your hands or a towel , making sure you do not twist or tear the sponge.

* hang the sponge up using the attached string , ideally in a cool , dry place . It needs to dry and harden between uses so that bacteria cannot grow. It can also be placed into an air tight container and put in the fridge.

*resoak it for a few minutes before you use it again so it becomes soft again.

*dispose of after 4 to 6 weeks as it will start to deteriorate and get another puff to continue on the good work !!

Postage is the letter box friendly rate so choose that at check out . Price starts at £1.75 for one puff !!