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A little about our products.........

Our bathing salt products are specially chosen epsom salts and dead sea salts of the finest and purest quality, plus a tailored essential oil blend for you to add to the salts before you bathe.

This is a pretty unique aspect of our bathing salts and designed to make sure our essential oils are the freshest they can be before they dive in to the bath with you. You will not find this with any other bath salt supplier, especially those big manufacturers ( you know who they are ).

​Natural Epsom Salts, Dead Sea salts and our very OWN Essential Oil blend are designed to boost magnesium levels, soften and gently clean your skin, and promote a sense of relaxation and happiness with the mood boosting power of Aromatherapy. We made these blends to help with the every day stresses of daily life, whether it be sleeplessness, a chatting mind that won't switch off, a low mood, or aching muscles from a session at the gym. For thousands of years , the benefits of plants and flowers have been known to increase your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Couple these with the healing properties of natural salt, and wrap them up in a big warm water hug, and you have the thinking behind Simply Yours UK Bathing Salts.

Just prepare your bath soak with the special salts and essential oils in their own little bath bag, take it into a lovely, warm bath with you and let the little bag 's contents relax your body and balance your mind. Take a least 20 minutes, close the door , take deep breaths and grab some Me time ...... you are definitely worth it.

It is a easy as 1 - 2 - 3.

Our mission is to provide amazing, animal friendly bathing and beauty products that combine the power of plants and water to promote relaxation and natural well-being.

  • Passion: We love the ideas of chemical free , ethical , all-natural, cruelty free, vegan friendly, recyclable. And we love baths !!!! and foot baths too !!! and we love skin care as well !!!
  • Vegan Friendly: Our own bath salts are great for vegans , and when we add products , we will seek other VF candidates. If we find something we would like to share with you because we really LOVE it, we will let you know if it is not vegan in the truest sense of the word.
  • Made to Order : We do not keep any stock of completed salts and we hand make to order every time. With Love . We do not have a huge warehouse of materials and order in when we need things. Our delivery is about five to seven days but talk to us if you need it sooner. We may be little, but it keeps us flexible
  • Cosmetic Safety Approved: Even though we a small, home based business , we have had our own bathing salts approved for their safety by Chartered Chemist , Scott Grainger , so that we conform to cosmetic legislation.

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A little about us

Nicola ( Mum ) and Leah ( Daughter) - been together 17 years so far. We both live in Banbury, Oxfordshire where we concoct our bathing salts and take luxurious baths. Here is us with Owen ( Son ) , graduating in Law from University Of Western England in 2018.

Tender Essence

A little about our oils

Our oils come from Tender Essence of Selby , Yorkshire. They are pure and of the most divine quality. We highly recommend them as a supplier, as David and his team are both helpful and knowledgable.

The company is PETA approved as Cruelty Free and Vegan . We agree with them when we say if you can't be anything else in this world, be kind. You can get in touch with Tender Essence on   http://www.tenderessence.com .

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